Battle Royale / Summer Sprint
Commissioner: Dennis Crowley

Battle Royale is a non-keeper Strat Draft League. We will gather the best coaches in Strat and do a 10-Unit Draft based on the current card set (Battle Royale) or a retro set (Summer Sprint). ALL games are to be played live using the SOM Netplay feature vs. another human coach. No games are to be played vs. the CM.

After you play the game, email me the .post and send out a recap via email of what happened in your game. Or post the recap on our forum:

This is a free-for-all type league. Load your pre-files hook up with your opponent and play. There are limited house rules regarding formations and blitzing.  There are no house rules regarding player substitution. With that in mind there are no penalties or injuries and over-usage is turned off. The aim is to have fun! And although some may not like the rules, I think this gives our league its own flavor.

Good sportsmanship is a must! You will be removed from the league if you quit in the middle of a game, constantly complain about your bad luck, are verbally abusive towards your opponent or otherwise display what I consider to be a bad sport. We all play this hobby to have a good time, so I want this to add to our enjoyment not detract from it. 

Battle Royale / Summer Sprint League Champions

Read our Constitution
Month 2 (Weeks 7-12) Due March 31st!

Install WinZip program here if you don't have it installed.    You will need the Winzip program to open the Pre and Leag Files.

To download and restore the .leag file below follow these directions.

  • Right click on the link below, select "Save Target as...",
  • Unzip the league file 
  • Save the file "2015 Battle Royale.leag" to a location you can remember.
  • To restore this league within your game Select League/Restore League... and select the file you saved in last step.
2015 Battle Royale Month 2 League File
League Directory

League Standings

League Leaders

League Schedule

Pre Files for Summer Sprint:












Hilton_Head_M2_Pre Wisconsin_M2_Pre
Honolulu_M2_Pre Woodbridge_M2_Pre

If you restore the above file you may need to re-load your pre files for any un-played games!!!

Open the zip file below and save (your team name).PRE file into your SOM Football/Receive folder.

Battle Royale Schedule:
Month 1: Jan 29th - February 28th (Weeks 1-6)
Month 2: March 1st - March 31st (Weeks 7-12)
Month 3: April 1st - April 30th (Weeks 13-17)
Playoffs: May 1st - May 15th
Battle Royale / Summer Sprint League Champions

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League Schedule
Week 1
Matchup Date/Score
Hilton Head at Ann Arbor Ann Arbor wins 28-20
Carson at San Francisco San Francisco wins 34-31
Cleveland at Wisconsin Wisconsin wins 25-13
Ashland at Jersey Ashland wins 17-13
Alexandria at Woodbridge Woodbridge wins 31-28
Los Angeles at Orange County Los Angeles wins 29-23
Seattle at Honolulu Honolulu wins 20-13
Loganville at Flint Flint wins 38-21
Week 2
Matchup Date/Score
Southern California at Hilton Head Hilton Head wins 21-17
San Francisco at Cleveland Cleveland wins 26-23
Wisconsin at Ashland Ashland wins 35-21
Honolulu at Ann Arbor Honolulu wins 11-9
Flint at Carson Carson wins 34-30
Seattle at Alexandria Seattle wins 23-13
Woodbridge at Los Angeles Los Angeles wins 28-25
Orange County at Loganville Orange County wins 30-21
Week 3
Matchup Date/Score
Ann Arbor at Southern California Ann Arbor wins 21-6
Loganville at San Francisco Loganville wins 35-28
Flint at Los Angeles Los Angeles wins 37-24
Carson at Wisconsin Wisconsin wins 45-17
Hilton Head at Seattle Seattle wins 16-10
Honolulu at Woodbridge Honolulu wins 33-16
Jersey at Cleveland Jersey wins 20-6
Alexandria at Orange County Alexandria wins 35-17
Week 4
Matchup Date/Score
Orange County at Flint Ignore
Hilton Head at Cleveland Hilton Head wins 21-17
San Francisco at Woodbridge Woodbridge wins 33-30
Southern California at Ashland Southern California wins 25-24
Wisconsin at Seattle Seattle wins 41-14
Ann Arbor at Jersey Ann Arbor wins 15-14
Alexandria at Loganville Loganville wins 23-13
Honolulu at Carson Carson wins 23-3
Week 5
Matchup Date/Score
Woodbridge at Flint Woodbridge wins 27-22
Seattle at San Francisco Seattle wins 32-18
Jersey at Southern California Jersey wins 24-17
Carson at Alexandria Alexandria wins 38-24
Wisconsin at Ann Arbor Wisconsin wins 30-28
Loganville at Los Angeles Loganville wins 31-24
Ashland at Hilton Head Hilton Head wins 10-6
Cleveland at Honolulu Honolulu wins 20-6
Week 6
Matchup Date/Score
Flint at Alexandria Flint wins 40-0
Jersey at Carson Jersey wins 24-17
Wisconsin at Loganville Loganville wins 29-17
San Francisco at Los Angeles Los Angeles wins 20-17
Southern California at Seattle Seattle wins 37-17
Woodbridge at Hilton Head Hilton Head wins 35-21
Orange County at Honolulu Honolulu wins 12-9
Cleveland at Ashland Ashland wins 27-25
Week 7
Matchup Date/Score
Honolulu at Southern California Ignore
Cleveland at Flint Ignore
Carson at Orange County Ignore
Loganville at Woodbridge Ignore
Los Angeles at Seattle Seattle wins 23-15
Jersey at Wisconsin Jersey wins 48-10
Ashland at San Francisco Ignore
Alexandria at Ann Arbor Ignore
Week 8
Matchup Date/Score
Jersey at Loganville Jersey wins 27-11
Hilton Head at Orange County Ignore
San Francisco at Alexandria Ignore
Ann Arbor at Seattle Ignore
Southern California at Woodbridge Ignore
Los Angeles at Wisconsin Ignore
Flint at Honolulu Ignore
Ashland at Carson Ignore
Week 9
Matchup Date/Score
Orange County at Ann Arbor Ignore
Hilton Head at San Francisco Ignore
Ashland at Los Angeles Ignore
Alexandria at Jersey Ignore
Woodbridge at Seattle Seattle wins 41-15
Loganville at Cleveland Ignore
Wisconsin at Honolulu Ignore
Flint at Southern California Ignore
Week 10
Matchup Date/Score
Ann Arbor at Ashland Ann Arbor wins 26-22
Seattle at Jersey Seattle wins 28-26
Los Angeles at Alexandria Los Angeles wins 35-28
Honolulu at Loganville Ignore
Hilton Head at Carson Ignore
San Francisco at Orange County Ignore
Southern California at Cleveland Ignore
Wisconsin at Woodbridge Ignore
Week 11
Matchup Date/Score
Flint at Hilton Head Ignore
San Francisco at Honolulu Ignore
Carson at Cleveland Ignore
Wisconsin at Alexandria Ignore
Jersey at Los Angeles Jersey wins 31-17
Ashland at Loganville Ignore
Woodbridge at Ann Arbor Ann Arbor wins 38-21
Orange County at Southern California Ignore
Week 12
Matchup Date/Score
Seattle at Orange County Orange County wins 27-24
Alexandria at Ashland Manual
Cleveland at Los Angeles Manual
Honolulu at Jersey Manual
Ann Arbor at Flint Manual
Hilton Head at Wisconsin Manual
Southern California at San Francisco Manual
Loganville at Carson Manual
Week 13
Matchup Date/Score
Loganville at Seattle 11/29/2015
Carson at Woodbridge 11/29/2015
Orange County at Cleveland 11/29/2015
Hilton Head at Honolulu 11/29/2015
Ashland at Flint 11/29/2015
Alexandria at Southern California 11/29/2015
Los Angeles at Ann Arbor 11/29/2015
San Francisco at Jersey 11/29/2015
Week 14
Matchup Date/Score
Honolulu at Alexandria 12/6/2015
Flint at Wisconsin 12/6/2015
Southern California at Loganville 12/6/2015
Ann Arbor at Carson 12/6/2015
Los Angeles at Hilton Head 12/6/2015
Jersey at Orange County 12/6/2015
Seattle at Cleveland 12/6/2015
Woodbridge at Ashland 12/6/2015
Week 15
Matchup Date/Score
Ann Arbor at Loganville 12/13/2015
Wisconsin at San Francisco 12/13/2015
Alexandria at Hilton Head 12/13/2015
Orange County at Ashland 12/13/2015
Carson at Seattle 12/13/2015
Flint at Jersey 12/13/2015
Los Angeles at Southern California 12/13/2015
Cleveland at Woodbridge 12/13/2015
Week 16
Matchup Date/Score
Woodbridge at Orange County 12/20/2015
Cleveland at Alexandria 12/20/2015
Southern California at Wisconsin 12/20/2015
Ann Arbor at San Francisco 12/20/2015
Los Angeles at Carson 12/20/2015
Ashland at Honolulu 12/20/2015
Seattle at Flint 12/20/2015
Jersey at Hilton Head 12/20/2015
Week 17
Matchup Date/Score
Orange County at Wisconsin 12/27/2015
Woodbridge at Jersey 12/27/2015
San Francisco at Flint 12/27/2015
Carson at Southern California 12/27/2015
Cleveland at Ann Arbor 12/27/2015
Loganville at Hilton Head 12/27/2015
Honolulu at Los Angeles 12/27/2015
Seattle at Ashland 12/27/2015