Strat Fan Forum Replay League (SFFRL)
Commisioner: Dennis Crowley

The Strat Fan Forum Replay League is a group effort to replay an entire NFL season with the current version of Strat-O-Matic Computer Football. Our first year all the games were played as pickup games. All games will be played with the current version (now V2014) of Strat-O-Matic Computer Football. Periodically I will post the backup of the league file and that weeks pre files to download. All games must be played using the pre files. Games are not to be played as local games. Games are to be played live using the SOM Netplay feature vs. another human coach. Only games vs. unowned teams should be played vs. the CM.

After you play the game, email the .post and write a recap of what happened in your game and send it to the official league email address:

You can also post a recap in the Strat Fan Forum Replay League Forum:

The aim of this league is not to re-create what happened in the NFL the previous year. But the goal is to re-shape our respective teams seasons if everything had fallen into place. If everyone had remained healthy and the coaches would have used those hotshot rookies earlier or more often. With that in there are no injuries and over-usage is turned off. The aim is to have fun! And although some may not like the rules, I think this gives our league its own flavor.

Good sportsmanship is a must! You will be removed from the league if you quit in the middle of a game, constantly complain about your bad luck, are verbally abusive towards your opponent or otherwise display what I consider to be a bad sport. We all play this hobby to have a good time, so I want this to add to our enjoyment not detract from it. DO NOT TYPE THINGS LIKE: LOL, WTF, UNREAL, WHAT A JOKE in the chat during a game. That is what I consider poor sportsmanship and you will be removed from the league if I get more than one report that you are whining or complaining to your opponent. Keep it to yourself, they do not need to see it.

Read our Constitution
Month 3 is underway! All games need to be done by March 31st!

Install WinZip program here if you don't have it installed. You will need the Winzip program to open the Pre and Leag Files.

To download and restore the .leag file below follow these directions.

  • Right click on the link below, select "Save Target as...",
  • Unzip the league file 
  • Save the file "SFFRL_Month#.leag" to a location you can remember.
  • To restore this league within your game Select League/Restore League... and select the file you saved in last step.

2015 Month 3 League File

2015 League Standings

2015 League Leaders

2015 League Schedule

2015 League Directory

SFFRL Past Champions

League Schedules:
Weeks 1 - 6: January 1st - January 31st
Weeks 7 - 11: February 1st - February 28th
Weeks 12 - 17: March 1st - March 31st
Playoffs: April 1st - April 30th
Your Pre Files are listed below. Unzip the file and save your .PRE files into your SOM Football/Receive folder. If you restore the leag file above to get updated stats at a later date (once results roll in) you will need to re-load the .pre file for any unplayed games.

AFC Pre Files                                     NFC Pre Files
Baltimore Ravens Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills Atlanta Falcons
Cincinnati Bengals Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns (CM) Chicago Bears
Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys
Houston Texans Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts (CM) Green Bay Packers
Jacksonville Jaguars Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs New Orleans Saints (CM)
Miami Dolphins (CM) New York Giants
New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles
New York Jets San Francisco 49ers (CM)
Oakland Raiders Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers St. Louis Rams
San Diego Chargers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins

SFFRL Past Champions
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SOM Computer Football Game Rules

League Schedule
Week 1
Matchup Date/Score
Pittsburgh at New England New England wins 38-28
Carolina at Jacksonville Carolina wins 39-18
Cleveland at New York AFC New York AFC wins 38-34
Green Bay at Chicago Chicago wins 31-24
Indianapolis at Buffalo Buffalo wins 20-14
Kansas City at Houston Houston wins 33-14
Seattle at St. Louis St. Louis wins 23-20
Baltimore at Denver Denver wins 28-20
Cincinnati at Oakland Cincinnati wins 23-17
Detroit at San Diego Detroit wins 24-21
New Orleans at Arizona Arizona wins 49-14
Tennessee at Tampa Bay Tennessee wins 38-19
New York NFC at Dallas New York NFC wins 23-20
Miami at Washington Washington wins 32-16
Philadelphia at Atlanta Ignore
Minnesota at San Francisco Minnesota wins 22-19
Week 2
Matchup Date/Score
Denver at Kansas City Denver wins 28-21
Arizona at Chicago Arizona wins 31-14
Atlanta at New York NFC Atlanta wins 28-24
Detroit at Minnesota Detroit wins 30-28
New England at Buffalo New England wins 47-9
San Diego at Cincinnati Ignore
San Francisco at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh wins 24-10
St. Louis at Washington St. Louis wins 24-20
Tampa Bay at New Orleans Tampa Bay wins 30-27
Tennessee at Cleveland Tennessee wins 30-26
Baltimore at Oakland Baltimore wins 21-18
Dallas at Philadelphia Philadelphia wins 17-10
Miami at Jacksonville Miami wins 44-29
Seattle at Green Bay Seattle wins 31-21
Houston at Carolina Carolina wins 40-9
New York AFC at Indianapolis Indianapolis wins 29-20
Week 3
Matchup Date/Score
Washington at New York NFC Washington wins 34-20
Atlanta at Dallas Dallas wins 36-24
Cincinnati at Baltimore Cincinnati wins 30-23
Indianapolis at Tennessee Indianapolis wins 23-18
Jacksonville at New England New England wins 38-17
New Orleans at Carolina Carolina wins 45-24
Oakland at Cleveland Cleveland wins 38-31
Philadelphia at New York AFC New York AFC wins 36-27
Pittsburgh at St. Louis Pittsburgh wins 33-24
San Diego at Minnesota Minnesota wins 30-17
Tampa Bay at Houston Houston wins 29-23
Buffalo at Miami Buffalo wins 20-17
Chicago at Seattle Seattle wins 25-10
San Francisco at Arizona Arizona wins 22-16
Denver at Detroit Detroit wins 17-10
Kansas City at Green Bay Green Bay wins 35-23
Week 4
Matchup Date/Score
Baltimore at Pittsburgh Baltimore wins 24-21
New York AFC at Miami New York AFC wins 38-3
Carolina at Tampa Bay Carolina wins 47-10
Minnesota at Denver Denver wins 34-21
St. Louis at Arizona St. Louis wins 16-10
Dallas at New Orleans New Orleans wins 35-16
Houston at Atlanta Houston wins 37-17
Jacksonville at Indianapolis Jacksonville wins 44-23
Kansas City at Cincinnati Kansas City wins 24-23
New York NFC at Buffalo Buffalo wins 24-17
Oakland at Chicago Oakland wins 34-17
Philadelphia at Washington Philadelphia wins 24-20
Cleveland at San Diego San Diego wins 48-16
Green Bay at San Francisco Green Bay wins 30-17
Detroit at Seattle Seattle wins 31-23
Week 5
Matchup Date/Score
Indianapolis at Houston Houston wins 33-13
Seattle at Cincinnati Seattle wins 37-20
New Orleans at Philadelphia Philadelphia wins 42-21
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay Jacksonville wins 38-24
Cleveland at Baltimore Baltimore wins 28-24
Chicago at Kansas City Kansas City wins 34-26
Buffalo at Tennessee Buffalo wins 36-29
Denver at Oakland Oakland wins 27-24
San Francisco at New York NFC New York NFC wins 34-27
New England at Dallas New England wins 50-7
Arizona at Detroit Detroit wins 17-16
Washington at Atlanta Washington wins 23-17
St. Louis at Green Bay Green Bay wins 16-6
Pittsburgh at San Diego San Diego wins 19-14
Week 6
Matchup Date/Score
Atlanta at New Orleans Atlanta wins 27-24
Kansas City at Minnesota Kansas City wins 26-17
Miami at Tennessee Tennessee wins 36-17
Washington at New York AFC Washington wins 22-17
Baltimore at San Francisco Baltimore wins 30-23
Carolina at Seattle Seattle wins 30-13
San Diego at Green Bay Green Bay wins 28-3
New England at Indianapolis New England wins 30-16
Houston at Jacksonville Houston wins 48-20
Denver at Cleveland Denver wins 15-14
Chicago at Detroit Chicago wins 37-32
Cincinnati at Buffalo Cincinnati wins 21-15
Arizona at Pittsburgh Arizona wins 31-20
New York NFC at Philadelphia New York NFC wins 37-34
Week 7
Matchup Date/Score
Seattle at San Francisco Seattle wins 41-16
Buffalo at Jacksonville Buffalo wins 41-22
Atlanta at Tennessee Tennessee wins 28-17
Cleveland at St. Louis St. Louis wins 32-10
Houston at Miami Houston wins 26-19
Minnesota at Detroit Minnesota wins 26-7
New Orleans at Indianapolis Indianapolis wins 29-12
New York AFC at New England New England wins 45-20
Tampa Bay at Washington Tampa Bay wins 24-20
Pittsburgh at Kansas City Kansas City wins 27-24
Dallas at New York NFC New York NFC wins 34-14
Philadelphia at Carolina Ignore
Oakland at San Diego Oakland wins 40-29
Baltimore at Arizona Arizona wins 24-17
Week 8
Matchup Date/Score
Miami at New England New England wins 38-14
Green Bay at Denver Denver wins 31-0
New York AFC at Oakland Oakland wins 31-22
Tampa Bay at Atlanta Tampa Bay wins 21-17
Seattle at Dallas Seattle wins 33-21
Arizona at Cleveland Arizona wins 24-19
San Francisco at St. Louis San Francisco wins 16-13
San Diego at Baltimore Baltimore wins 30-0
New York NFC at New Orleans New York NFC wins 38-32
Minnesota at Chicago Chicago wins 24-8
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Cincinnati wins 21-19
Tennessee at Houston Houston wins 30-27
Detroit at Kansas City Kansas City wins 40-18
Indianapolis at Carolina Indianapolis wins 21-13
Week 9
Matchup Date/Score
Cleveland at Cincinnati Cincinnati wins 21-10
Atlanta at San Francisco San Francisco wins 27-8
Washington at New England Washington wins 20-16
New York NFC at Tampa Bay New York NFC wins 31-23
Green Bay at Carolina Carolina wins 25-7
Tennessee at New Orleans New Orleans wins 35-31
Jacksonville at New York AFC New York AFC wins 27-23
Miami at Buffalo Miami wins 27-17
Oakland at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh wins 41-21
Philadelphia at Dallas Philadelphia wins 24-16
Denver at Indianapolis Denver wins 17-6
St. Louis at Minnesota Ignore
Chicago at San Diego Ignore
Week 10
Matchup Date/Score
Buffalo at New York AFC Buffalo wins 30-14
Kansas City at Denver Kansas City wins 19-16
Minnesota at Oakland Oakland wins 25-22
New England at New York NFC New England wins 27-20
Arizona at Seattle Seattle wins 36-28
Carolina at Tennessee Carolina wins 39-6
Chicago at St. Louis Ignore
Cleveland at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh wins 41-20
Dallas at Tampa Bay Dallas wins 30-10
Detroit at Green Bay Green Bay wins 37-35
Jacksonville at Baltimore Baltimore wins 21-18
Miami at Philadelphia Philadelphia wins 48-10
New Orleans at Washington Washington wins 24-9
Houston at Cincinnati Ignore
Week 11
Matchup Date/Score
Tennessee at Jacksonville Jacksonville wins 36-24
Cincinnati at Arizona Arizona wins 30-21
San Francisco at Seattle Seattle wins 27-24
Kansas City at San Diego Kansas City wins 31-16
Green Bay at Minnesota Minnesota wins 43-24
Washington at Carolina Carolina wins 35-13
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia Philadelphia wins 31-21
St. Louis at Baltimore Baltimore wins 22-17
Oakland at Detroit Oakland wins 22-10
New York AFC at Houston Houston wins 35-19
Indianapolis at Atlanta Atlanta wins 34-27
Denver at Chicago Chicago wins 29-15
Dallas at Miami Miami wins 27-10
Buffalo at New England New England wins 34-26
Week 12
Matchup Date/Score
Chicago at Green Bay Ignore
Carolina at Dallas Carolina wins 29-14
Philadelphia at Detroit Detroit wins 31-28
Oakland at Tennessee Oakland wins 23-14
New York NFC at Washington New York NFC wins 27-24
New Orleans at Houston New Orleans wins 33-21
Minnesota at Atlanta Ignore
Buffalo at Kansas City Kansas City wins 31-27
Miami at New York AFC New York AFC wins 20-10
New England at Denver New England wins 29-10
Pittsburgh at Seattle Pittsburgh wins 20-10
Arizona at San Francisco Arizona wins 38-9
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis Indianapolis wins 19-13
St. Louis at Cincinnati Ignore
San Diego at Jacksonville Jacksonville wins 26-19
Baltimore at Cleveland Baltimore wins 27-15
Week 13
Matchup Date/Score
Green Bay at Detroit Detroit wins 44-20
Arizona at St. Louis Arizona wins 20-17
Atlanta at Tampa Bay Atlanta wins 27-13
Baltimore at Miami Miami wins 19-14
Cincinnati at Cleveland Cincinnati wins 25-23
Houston at Buffalo Buffalo wins 18-17
Jacksonville at Tennessee Tennessee wins 55-16
New York AFC at New York NFC New York AFC wins 24-13
San Francisco at Chicago San Francisco wins 16-6
Seattle at Minnesota Seattle wins 31-14
Carolina at New Orleans Carolina wins 35-10
Denver at San Diego Denver wins 31-21
Kansas City at Oakland Kansas City wins 30-13
Philadelphia at New England New England wins 27-13
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh wins 43-17
Dallas at Washington Dallas wins 41-14
Week 14
Matchup Date/Score
Minnesota at Arizona Arizona wins 36-19
Atlanta at Carolina Carolina wins 41-29
Buffalo at Philadelphia Ignore
Detroit at St. Louis St. Louis wins 41-17
Indianapolis at Jacksonville Indianapolis wins 24-21
New Orleans at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay wins 20-17
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Pittsburgh wins 37-7
San Diego at Kansas City Ignore
San Francisco at Cleveland San Francisco wins 27-13
Seattle at Baltimore Seattle wins 40-21
Tennessee at New York AFC New York AFC wins 31-17
Washington at Chicago Chicago wins 30-27
Dallas at Green Bay Green Bay wins 37-27
Oakland at Denver Oakland wins 34-24
New England at Houston New England wins 17-7
New York NFC at Miami New York NFC wins 31-7
Week 15
Matchup Date/Score
Tampa Bay at St. Louis St. Louis wins 24-21
New York AFC at Dallas Dallas wins 31-26
Tennessee at New England New England wins 38-35
Arizona at Philadelphia Ignore
Miami at San Diego San Diego wins 44-10
Green Bay at Oakland Oakland wins 27-15
Denver at Pittsburgh Denver wins 27-13
Cleveland at Seattle Seattle wins 42-6
Cincinnati at San Francisco Cincinnati wins 25-9
Houston at Indianapolis Indianapolis wins 37-23
Chicago at Minnesota Chicago wins 38-28
Carolina at New York NFC Carolina wins 31-30
Buffalo at Washington Washington wins 38-14
Atlanta at Jacksonville Jacksonville wins 28-23
Kansas City at Baltimore Baltimore wins 22-13
Detroit at New Orleans Detroit wins 34-21
Week 16
Matchup Date/Score
San Diego at Oakland Ignore
Washington at Philadelphia Philadelphia wins 17-15
Pittsburgh at Baltimore Pittsburgh wins 37-30
San Francisco at Detroit Detroit wins 34-22
Green Bay at Arizona Arizona wins 32-10
Jacksonville at New Orleans New Orleans wins 35-27
St. Louis at Seattle Seattle wins 13-3
New York NFC at Minnesota New York NFC wins 23-13
Carolina at Atlanta Carolina wins 28-12
Dallas at Buffalo Dallas wins 38-14
Cleveland at Kansas City Kansas City wins 27-0
Chicago at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay wins 28-14
New England at New York AFC New England wins 34-20
Indianapolis at Miami Tie 24-24
Houston at Tennessee Tennessee wins 21-19
Cincinnati at Denver Denver wins 23-20
Week 17
Matchup Date/Score
Baltimore at Cincinnati Baltimore wins 26-24
Minnesota at Green Bay Green Bay wins 20-6
Detroit at Chicago Detroit wins 27-26
Jacksonville at Houston Houston wins 47-9
New England at Miami Miami wins 28-23
New Orleans at Atlanta Atlanta wins 52-10
St. Louis at San Francisco St. Louis wins 16-10
Pittsburgh at Cleveland Pittsburgh wins 47-32
Seattle at Arizona Seattle wins 31-24
Oakland at Kansas City Kansas City wins 41-7
Washington at Dallas Dallas wins 17-14
Tennessee at Indianapolis Tennessee wins 30-13
Tampa Bay at Carolina Carolina wins 17-10
Philadelphia at New York NFC Manual
New York AFC at Buffalo Buffalo wins 22-19
San Diego at Denver Manual